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I'm going to have a baby, what do I need?- CRN NEWS

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Before the time comes, it is important to have the basket ready with all the things that the baby and mother will need during their hospital stay.Two midwives offer several tips to prepare everything you need without anything about or missing.

It is soft, small and beautiful so, with the illusion of the arrival of the baby, there is a risk of buying too much newborn clothes and arriving at the hospital with an excessive suitcase in which it is very difficult to find what is needed inevery moment.

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Have it in advance to avoid stress

But it can also happen that, with the nerves of the moment, some of the most necessary items for the mother or for the baby during their stay in motherhood are left at home.

To avoid this, planning is very important.

“Around week 35 or 36 you should have everything more or less purchased and organized.It is considered a term birth that occurs between 37 and 42 weeks.Although most moms will give birth between week 38 and 41, it is advisable to have it prepared in advance to avoid last minute stress, ”recommends midwives Elena Tamame and Susana Bravo.

Both are responsible for “its matters”, a company specialized in physical preparation in pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

But what will the baby really need during the days spent in the hospital?The answer to this question will depend on the health center in which it will be given birth and at the time of the year.

The specialists of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) remember that you have to have prepared a stroller to transfer the baby from the hospital to home and, if the car is going to be used, it is necessary to use an adequate child retention system.

The clothes

As for the newborn's clothes, the AEP pediatricians advise not to have ties, buttons or zippers.

“It is better clothes with velcro, easy to put and remove.It is also preferable that it be of natural tissues because synthetic materials can cause skin allergies, ”they point out.

Voy a tener un bebé, ¿qué necesito? - CRN Noticias

When preparing the baby's basket, Elena Tamame and Susana Bravof cotton, as well as a muslin or blanket, depending on the season of the year.

“It is important to ask if in the Dan Diañals hospital.In case it is not so, you have to add them, along with gauze or a natural sponge, ”they emphasize.

“A trick to make the suitcase is to leave everything in bags with the prepared sets.The last one we will add will be that of the first setting, since this will be ready as soon as they open the suitcase, ”they indicate.

On this first setting and what the specialists should carry, the specialists indicate: “A hat, a diaper, a body or a pajamas (they can both if it is winter) as well as a muslin or a blanket.In this same bag we should also include large panties for the mother, ”they detail.

Also elements that the mother should carry

The midwives explain that the mother, for her hospital stay, will need underwear, preferably cotton or disposable.In case of opting for the disposable panties, the paper and choosing those of Redecilla should be avoided.

You would also have to include in your luggage "flip flops or shoes that are easy to remove and put, a robe, comfortable clothes for when you leave the hospital, shower gel, shampoo and other personal toilet items," they advise.

On the other hand, if the future mom has long hair, she cannot forget to add a colleague.

“You must ask in the hospital if you are going to provide compresses and, if not, you have to put in your luggage compresses of the todological type.It can also include an isotonic drink or water and its own pajamas or nightgown, if you want, ”they point out.

For their part, the AEP specialists highlight that the garments that the mother takes to the hospital should be comfortable and easy to put and remove.

In this sense, they affirm that it could be useful to carry one or two nightgowns ahead and a couple of breastfeeding fasteners.

However, when preparing the articles for the hospital, both for the baby and for the mother, it is important to be restrained, they indicate.

“It makes no sense to make an excessively loaded suitcase, since the time of stay in the hospital is usually a few days, generally two or three.In the event that the companion can go home to all those things that the mother is missing, ”says Elena Tamame and Susana Bravo.

Attention to bathtub, dolls and accessories

You also have to moderate in the purchase of articles for the future baby, since many of them are not very useful and, even, they may not be released.One of these items is clothes.

"Family and friends give clothes for the baby and almost all of the same size, the little one, but in some cases we will not wear," the midwives point out.

The same goes for the newborn shoes."They are very cute, that is true, but we should not use them since they are not comfortable for the creature," they point out.

The specialists affirm that another little useful article is the bathtub with a changer placed in the room.

"The reality is that it is better to bathe the baby in the bathroom and not have to walk with the bathtub full of water in his room."

The same goes for antivuelco cushions.“Although they are very fashionable, they do not recommend them to experts, or the World Health Organization (WHO), neither pediatricians nor FDA.They do not avoid falls, accidents or sudden death.In fact, they can increase the risk of these incidents, ”they warn.

Elena Tamame and Susana Bravo do not recommend buying pacifier, front, ear or infrared.

“We must use the adults we have at home to measure the temperature, because these thermometers have little reliability and are not useful.The same goes for the bathtub thermometer.It is better to use common sense and touch the water with your hand to check that it is temperate and pleasant, ”they emphasize.

Little useful products

Other objects that midwives consider not very useful are babies.

“The reality is that the baby needs to be close to us and, when it is not, protest.A baby vigila is not very practical if we are going to have the baby nearby, ”they say.

Regarding the dolls and stuffed animals, they believe that nothing happens to have any."But, be careful, nothing to fill the crib with them because they can be dangerous, in addition to a source of mites and dust," they say.

“There are many articles to which we will barely use.It is better to acquire them as we need and not have too many objects for the baby that we do not need, ”they advise.

But preparing the home for the arrival of the baby goes beyond material things.“It is important to get home and not have pending things after two or three days in the hospital.Therefore, it is interesting that someone, while hospital admission lasts, go home and pick up, put the washing machine or attend to pets, if we have, ”they indicate.

In addition, "an interesting thing is to find the fridge and freezer full of rich and healthy food and thus be able to focus on the arrival of the child," they conclude.

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