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Liz Hurley: "Hugh and I made each other unhappy in a lot of different ways"

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She has turned it on with a natural gesture, and, making it very visible, has placed it on one of the arms of the sofa where she leans back just after apologizing for the terrible cold that almost prevented her from attending the session. She speaks in a cavernous voice, unexpectedly deep, somewhat intimidating. Although her first move is unkind, she will very soon say something revealing that, despite what she may seem, she does not take herself very seriously: “When I started I was only offered prudish and girlish roles. English. And for a while now they only offer me evil woman roles... I don't know why! That mischievous smile again. And the very blue eyes in a very black kohl frame. That's the same sexy smile she wore when she played Vanessa Kensington, the feisty woman seducing James Bond's satirical alter ego, international spy Austin Powers.

In addition to being a model and actress, Elizabeth Hurley has spent her entire professional life being what is commonly called a “solid”: one of those women who turns the heads of builders and tycoons alike, Benny Hill and Prince Charles. At the age of 27, the world knew of her existence because she appeared at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral as Hugh Grant's partner, dressed in that Versace model closed with gold safety pins (which the press dubbed "That Dress" and which has its own Wikipedia entry). Today, she is in the middle of promoting her bathroom line and the television series in which she stars, in which she plays the role of a very particular queen of England.

Liz Hurley:

Hurley has also carried her entire professional life carrying the sanbenito of betrayed girlfriend (how can we forget that episode in which her partner, the until then apparently timid Grant, was caught with a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard?).

The complete report in number 82 of Vanity Fair, already on sale.

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