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Mapanda advises what to do with children's clothes when they are small

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Donating or giving clothes is difficult by the emotional ties established with certain garments.

Creative figures, retail snake or patches for pants are some options to recycle the clothes that are no longer used.

Children grow very fast, staying small clothes right away.On many occasions they are left for the brother or relative to come, but what can be done with the children's clothes when it looks small?In addition to the importance of donating disused clothes, there are some creative ideas to reuse it and that they can continue in the cabinets.

The donation: many children need many families and children who need new clothes or semi -owned due to lack of economic resources.Only in Spain, one in three children live at risk of poverty and social exclusion.Can you put a small grain of sand?Of course.Now that Christmas is coming are many entities that organize special campaigns for collecting clothing and toys.

Among many other organizations and non -profit institutions that help disadvantaged people can find Caritas, based in almost all of Spain, and with the presence of special containers where to leave those new or semi -new clothes that you want to donate.If you want to find the closest headquarters you can enter here, and get in touch with them.

Ideas to recycle children's clothing in many occasions, donating or giving clothes is difficult by the emotional ties established with certain garments, either for being a gift from someone special or because they associate with an important moment of children's childhood.In addition to the importance of donating disused clothes, there are some creative ideas to reuse that special garment and that can continue in cabinets.

Mapanda aconseja qué hacer con la ropa de los niños cuando les queda pequeña

Creative figures.For those who fell on a good option to keep a piece of a special garment is to print the silhouette of a fruit, an animal or a geometric figure.You have to put it on the garment in disuse or the part that interests it and cut it.It will only be sewing to a new shirt or dress and with it you can give an original touch to the new garment.These creative figures can be added to new garments, cushions, pillows, blankets or any other fabric that is home.

Ratels snake.If there are several garments that want to be preserved or enchanted to reconvert your print in something else, there is the idea of making a retales snake.Perfect to decorate the child's room and be able to play with her.It is as easy as sewing all pieces with the long and wide one desired for the snake.Each retal can have variable measures.You have to leave the same retal for the head and take advantage of a couple of eye buttons.It is stuffed with cotton or rubber puma and joins with visible stitch.For those who are old and good seamstresses, a precious snake will come out.

Patches for pants.With so much fall that some breakage in the pants always appears.A good option is to use a piece of an old garment as a patch.You can also make a hem to the pants with a piece of that old garment to recycle.

T -shirt pocket.Cut the pocket -shaped garment garment fabric, and sew it on a new smooth shirt.This can be given an original and creative touch to those basic shirts that all children have.A perfect way to keep the print of your favorite garment and that it didn't look good.

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