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Merendero El Prince began his campaign to collect shoes

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The beginning of classes represents a challenge for many families whose children and adolescents want to return to the classrooms, but many times they do not have clothes and footwear to do so in the best conditions.There the solidarity of the city and the snack is activated, the little prince is one of the donation receptors.

Pamela Abarca, a reference of that space, told Compass 24, in the program a good reason, that there are 88 families that currently receive support from the picnic and among which it was consulted what would be the objective of the February campaign.

“They chose shoes because they are above 3.500 pesos like cheap.There are families that have 2 to 8 children who can't buy everyone.They opted for the shoe campaign in February, then we will work all month in that, ”said Abarca.

He explained that they are open to receive shoes size 20 to 45, although the most demanded go from number 34 to 42."They are the most needy, children who start first grade and the preteens who go to high school," he explained.

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Abarca said they also receive other elements necessary for the return to classes, such as clothes in good condition.

"We have a little red that last year was very successful.They give us clothes and every 15 days you make a loup.We put it and people look for it, what we have left with clothes we leave for another fair or give it to other dining rooms, ”he explained.

From a more personal point of view, Abarca responded to the reason that moves it to do this task for seven years, in which a solid volunteer team accompanies it.

“I think it's because at a time in my life I was alone for family problems and at that time there were people who helped me, who contained me and who was next to me.As those people were by my side, I felt it as I must also be for others, ”he said.

The work in the Merendero The Little Prince does not cease and this year they are about to move to their own place, for which they already have the land.

"We have land.We are going to move to Punta Alta Street.We are going to need sheets, bricks, straps, windows in good condition, ”he said.

Those who wish to collaborate with the shoes campaign or any other type of support can contact Pamela covers through the phone 2915037813 or in Necochea 2109.

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