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Primark launches a new recycling plan in its United Kingdom stores

By hollisterclothingoutlet 10/01/2023 591 Views

Primark is starting a national recycling initiative in the United Kingdom, inviting customers to donate their clothing, textiles, footwear and bags of any brand to be “reused, recycled or reconditioned" through their boxesof recycling in stores to ensure that nothing goes to the landfills.

The “Re-Loved" collection boxes will be available in the 190 Primark stores throughout the United Kingdom and have been launched to help the recycling be more convenient for buyers, following the calls of the non-profit organization Wrap(Waste and resources action program) so that people protect charity stores from the influx of donations that are expected as confinement decreases.

The WRAP Foundation found in a recent investigation that more than a third of the population has fought from textiles and unwanted clothing while I was at home in quarantine and is encouraging the public to use other donation options, including collections in stores such asThe new Primark plan, which states that it is a route often underutilized for the recycling of clothing, but that prevents clothes and textiles from going to the landfills.

Peter Maddox, Wrap director said in a statement: “Our investigation shows that most people prefer to donate or recycle their unwanted clothes, and often opt for charity stores as their favorite route.With stores starting to reopen, you can risk overwhelming charity organizations with a large number of donations.

Primark lanza un nuevo plan de reciclaje en sus tiendas del Reino Unido

“The delivery of clothing through stores is an effective way, and often little used, to donate clothes.Primark is a signatory to the sustainable clothing action plan, and this new clothing recycling plan gives people even more options, and will help make clothing recycling easier with containers in the stores in the main streets andRetail sales centers throughout the United Kingdom ".

All the benefits of the Plan will be used for UNICEF, the World Charity Organization associated with Primark, in support of their education programs for vulnerable children around the world.

Primark is associated with Yellow Octopus for the recycling plan 'Re-Love

Primark has partnered with Yellow Octopus, a recycling specialist with a policy of “not the landfill" in the 21 countries in which he operates, to implement his recycling plan.Yellow Octopus deviates around one million garments from the landfill every month and aims toFor mattresses.

Katharine Stewart, director of Ethical Trade and Environmental Sustainability of Primark added: “We know that people are not always easy to recycle their clothes, textiles and shoes.And we know that people have had great cleaning during quarantine.Now is the perfect time to launch our recycling program in stores, which allows customers to give a second life to the articles of their closet that they no longer need ".

“This will reduce the waste that goes to the landfills and will contribute to our customers to help the environment.With the benefits destined for the important Childhood Education programs of UNICEF we also support our World Charity partner in their work."

This article has been previously published by Fashionunited.UK and translated and edited by Belén Bednarski

Images: Courtesy of Primark

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