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Several municipalities of Córdoba make local adaptations to restrictions

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En el primer día del nuevo confinamiento dispuesto por el Gobierno nacional para mitigar la circulación del coronavirus, la aplicación en el interior de la provincia muestra algunos matices.Varios municipios de Córdoba hacen adaptaciones locales a las restricciones Varios municipios de Córdoba hacen adaptaciones locales a las restricciones

In many locations, the normal opening of businesses in general in the morning was admitted, without control to demand closure, with the argument that the national decree with specifications on the application mode was just known late on Friday and did not allowIn this way, notify the modality to each sector or organize the controls for the first day.It is what happened, for example, in Río Ceballos and in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

The Citizen Prevention and Environmental Management Entity of Río Cuarto said that it warned several commercial premises (Fravega and Musimundo, among them) that provided attention to the public breaking the national decree and after being notified, they closed.In addition, a meeting was dismantled in a religious temple of the microcenter where more than 40 people were gathered.


In several municipalities, nuances are in the interpretation of the decree, especially in relation to non -essential businesses.In those cases, several Cordoba municipalities are notifying this Saturday that will be allowed in the next nine days of the activity of non -essential shops until 18, but without audiences inside the premises.

In several cities, gastronomic premises are allowed until 18, with retirement at the door and without activity inside, but in others not.

Anyway, in general, this Saturday is perceived less circulation in all towns and cities and that effect is much more noticeable on the routes, with very little traffic.

In several municipalities they admit that application modalities could be adjusted as they receive more specifications in the province.

In Río Tercero there were several open shops and that are not essential.Mayor Marcos Ferrer said that it will increase the controls in order to meet the current restrictions.


Alta Gracia merchants made a protest on Saturday in front of the municipality after the inspectors began to communicate that they should close their businesses for restrictions within the framework of Coronavirus.

After the demonstration, the president of the Commerce Center, Mariela Auer, and a group of representatives were received by the mayor Marcos Torres to analyze the scope of the new decree of necessity and urgency (DNI).

Within that framework, they agreed to work at a closed blind sending their products for home service until 18.

The mayor explained that on Monday and Tuesday that it is a holiday, it will not work, but the rest of the days will allow the activity by closed doors, to Persiana Low and through its virtual platforms, and the delivery can be carried out by order.He also talked about reaching an agreement with supermarket.

Varios municipios de Córdoba hacen adaptaciones locales a las restricciones

This work system for retail shops will be carried out during this Saturday 22, Wednesday 26, Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29.


On the first day of the new strict confinement, opposite postcards were observed in the Calamuchita Valley.This Saturday, for example, Villa General Belgrano showed a high compliance, only with businesses considered open open.This is, pantries, pharmacies or services stations, while bars, restaurants or stores directly did not open their doors.The panorama remembered those first days of quarantine in March 2020.

Different was the situation in neighboring Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.The center resembled any other Saturday of the year.With bars, restaurants and even open shoe stores.The merchants said they had not received any notification until that time.From the municipality they indicated that the restriction measures with the adhesion to the national and provincial decrees were communicated after noon, and it was expected that, from that moment, the businesses of the non -essential items were closed.Meanwhile, essential must remain open between 9 and 18.Also, on Sunday and holidays, these measures may hide a bit, since several of those shops do not open the non -working days.In the afternoon, meanwhile, there were small groups enjoying outdoors, taking mates or walking on the Costanera del Río.

Chicas Sierras

In Chicas Sierras, controls are carried out in the main accesses, as on Route E-53, from the departure of Córdoba Capital with police and by helicopter, to guarantee compliance with the DNU established by the Nation.

And in the different locations with municipal and police personnel.

Both on the route and in the accesses and streets of the cities of the Serrano corridor there is less circulation.

There was less movement than a usual Saturday in Chicas Sierras, with people in supermarkets, pantries, coffee shops and queues outside the premises, banks, pharmacies, respecting the protocols.

In addition, the municipalities of the region agreed to enforce the restrictions imposed by the national government.

Therefore, they are informed and controls are carried out for shops to comply with the established closing schedule, until 18.And gastronomy, bars and restaurants, only with Take Away and Delivery.

"We will be strict with the schedule.Except those bars and restaurants that delivery.We have their collaboration, we try to make it by consensus, ”says Unquillo's mayor Jorge Fabrissín.

Different is the situation of merchants from Río Ceballos, who “self -revocated” in a march last Friday and asked to expand the closing schedule until 20, but the province did not enable the municipality to “yield” with that schedule.

Anyway, the owners agreed, 70 percent, to open the premises until 19, both essential and non -essential.

The same goes for the Salsipuedes merchants, who opened their doors in all items and intend to close at 20.

"We are working.And in the expectation to know what happens.For now there were no minutes, ”says Iván Farías, owner of a bar-fafé.

San Martin

In Villa María, the municipality enabled that shops in the gastronomic item could work until 23, Monday through Friday, and until midnight on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, always under the modality to take.

It was clarified that this possibility was always maintained that there was no provincial or national provision to the contrary.On the other hand, several businesses considered non -essential worked under the mode by closed doors, with online sales and home shipments.For this, the assistance of owners and employees to the premises is allowed.

Police ordered controls on bridges that join Villa María with Villa Nueva, which generated long rows of each side.There were also circulation controls on avenues and in income to the city.


In Carlos Paz there were controls and seals in different parts of the city throughout the day on Saturday.Many bars opened in the Delivery and Take Away modality and the movement in essential shops was quite noticeable during the morning.

In Cosquín, by case, the municipality reported that the opening of bars and confectionery was not allowed.

The Summit was the first Punilla town that decided to restrict activities before the presidential decree that was known this Friday night.


Villa Dolores adhered to the DNU and the restrictions were felt in the city and in the area.Some non -essential businesses from the city center opened the public, but then they had to close.

“We gently invite you to close and work through Delivery, the same police.There were no sanctions for now because we know there was uncertainty, the idea is to raise awareness and adapt, ”said Carolina Stump, secretary of the Government of the Municipality of Villa Dolores.

Pharmacies, home food delivery and taxis will work until 23.

The municipal administration closes these days, except health, social and personal action of the vaccination plan.A part of the administration would follow their tasks by teleworking.


In Jesús María, in Colonia Caroya and in Snsacate, commercial activity was allowed until 13 today.In the afternoon, the closing compliance level was very high.At 18, the entire central area had its doors closed and the circulation of people was minimal.Where it was a little harder.

Provincial south

In Río Cuarto, a high level of compliance with circulation restrictions was perceived on Saturday.The municipality reported that it adhered to the presidential DNU and said that gastronomic premises will be able to work until 23 from Monday to Friday, and until 0 on weekends and holidays.They can only sell products under the delivery or retirement modality in the local merchants.

Left outputs are allowed individually to the home from 6 to 18 and, as in other regions, non -essential shops were authorized to sell their products under delivery modality, without attention to the public, among the6 and 18.

Second River

Commercial activity in Second River and Pilar was almost "normal" this Saturday. Un recorrido realizado por La Voz en esas ciudades comprobó que estaban abiertos muchos negocios considerados no esenciales.Hairdressers, clothing stores and car laundry stores, among others, are among the items that, despite the restrictions, were working.Yes, a high compliance in sports activities was noticed.In Oncativo it was established that non -essential businesses may open, as are essential, between 8 and 18, but with the Take Away or Delivery modality.

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