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Anahí explores new horizons as a businesswoman in baby clothing

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Anahí es conocida por su trabajo como actriz y cantante, pero ahora está en constante aprendizaje y procesos creativos, como lo muestra en su más reciente colaboración con Baby Creysi a través de una colección de ropa.Anahí explora nuevos horizontes como empresaria en ropa para bebés Anahí explora nuevos horizontes como empresaria en ropa para bebés

The Baby Creysi line by Anahí is thought of their babies, because "all moms the first thing we want is for our little ones to be well", especially before next winter.That is why Quality and Love launched that, as the name implies, it is made with quality and love, taking into account every detail.

In an interview for La-Lista, Anahí Puente commented that the reason that led her to have this collaboration is because it is her favorite brand of a lifetime, because even when her parents were small they dressed her with the garments of this house.

"It's a very father project.Rarely I get involved in some subject with a brand and I do it only when it crazy, my heart fills me.The Baby Creysi family is like that, it is a company with which we have all grown up and I like that a lot because it talks about the heart, of doing things with love, ”said Anahí, who with this ventures as a businesswoman.

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On his collection of clothing for children from zero to six yearschildren.

Anahí explora nuevos horizontes como empresaria en ropa para bebés

“We cover the entire children's stage, from babies to children.I am very happy because it is a very large collection and that fills me with emotion, ”Anahí said as I taught some of the clothes that became four -year -old's favorites, and Emiliano, one year and eight months.

Pajamas with spatial theme designs, of airplanes and strollers..“It is made with a quality that is proud that it is from a Mexican brand for all of Latin America and the world;We are putting the name of Mexico high, ”said the businesswoman.

“At this stage I am very like to create new things, discover and learn.I think it is the process of all human beings: knowing more, evolving and participating in new things.That also makes you very excited about life, ”said the star, who also debuted as a writer with the column challenges of today's moms and families.

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It is in this space, where it already has two columns published, it shares thoughts and feelings of what you have learned in these almost five years of maternity, so from the first moment the words that crossed their minds were: “Yes,Of course I want to participate ".

Anahí commented that she has a large number of women who inspire her in all areas, but that she especially recognizes who follows her dreams, every woman who does not sit down for things to happen to her or never get to settle forThe success that achieves.

“I admire the women who always want, fight and go for more and that they remain and their essence is there and that although they can reach the top, if you see them, they remain the same as before.I think that is very valuable in a human being, always remain the person with the heart that you are and have since you were born, ”he said.

In this new stage as a businesswoman many things come to Anahí, especially because despite the recent launch of this collection, he is already working on more garments with more designs that will be available in pajamas, pants, elegant clothes and mamelucos.

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