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Mis deseos de Año Nuevo siempre han sido salud, dinero y muchos éxitos. A esta pequeña lista he sumado estrenar más ropa, es que para mí no es un simple capricho o una felicidad pasajera, es llevar conmigo una segunda piel. Antes de que el 2022 me tome por sorpresa, quiero convertirme en la mejor versión de mí. He decidido verme y sentirme mejor, así que comenzaré con mi apariencia. He encontrado sudaderas y suéteres súper bonitos para combatir el frío, ¿te los muestro?Apapáchate como te lo mereces con esta ropa súper calientita y suavecita de Abercrombie Apapáchate como te lo mereces con esta ropa súper calientita y suavecita de Abercrombie

I know that you - like me - love to renew your closet, but in this month it is difficult to acquire something that looks like fashion and makes us see sexy.Generally, winter clothes are heavy;In addition, the material itch and can irritate the skin to an unbearable point.

Gracias a horas de búsqueda y a la motivación por lucir increíble, encontré la respuesta contra estos males: Abercrombie & Fitch.Its catalog has a soft clothing section to get heat and - of course - of the highest quality.I firmly believe that there is no greater satisfaction than to put on something new and in a good category to live up to the woman in which I am going to convert.

I invite you to do the same.Give yourself the joy of feeling comfortable, beautiful and protected with these exceptional pieces.You deserve it.

Sherpa tight wrapping garment with half zipper

Apapáchate como te lo mereces con esta ropa súper calientita y suavecita de Abercrombie

You will love its aborted texture, its striking neck that will give you greater bearing, the oversize adjustment that will make you feel appared and the medium closing detail that will give a lot of style to any of your outfits.The print is the latest in trend: a winter classic that you cannot miss.

V -cremeuxe neck sweater

Super warm, without being hindering.This sweater is finely made to seek every centimeter of your skin.The reliefs of this garment will give you distinction and the "V" -shaped neckline will give you a very sensual look without falling into the daring.The color is exciting: it inspires a lot of tenderness and romanticism.

Sherpa sweatshirt with relief and half zip bumpers

The design of paintings of this sweatshirt is a success.The particularity of this element lies in the form of the shoulders, which will make you a beautiful figure and will grant you a dominant aspect.In addition, it is functional: you can save with all the confidence your value objects in the pockets of the sides.

Sweater with rounded hem and neck returned from the 90s

What happens to the 90s and why have they not gone out of fashion?Easy, it was a period that opted for comfort, without that meaning aside the striking.This is this sweater made with ultra soft tissue.To your measure.

Sherpa tight wrapping garment with complete zipper

Warm, minimalist, superb and superior.This garment has everything to become your favorite.It is an elementary in your closet, since its color will ensure you many combinations: you can wear it with those jeans that you love or with a more formal clothing.The pressure buttons will ensure that your body keeps its temperature.No more chills.

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