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The fashion of hating rich kids on Instagram

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A baby stares into her laptop while traveling on her private jet. A young man empties a bottle of Dom Pérignon over a lake. Another waves a giant foam finger from the back seat of a Ferrari. Another bathes with a huge bottle of Doët champagne in hand and a golden American Express in his mouth. And millions and millions of netizens watching them stunned, halfway between indignation and fascination.

They are the Rich Kids of Instagram, protagonists of a blog (http://richkidsofinstagram.tumblr.com) that has become one of the most unpredictable phenomena of the year: a compilation of the images published by young people wealthy on Instagram to brazenly brag about the excesses of their opulent lives. There are the occasional Trump, Hilton and the occasional illustrious American last name, but most are unknown and, as the blog promises, "they have more money than you and this is what they do" (that is, fill closets with designer clothes and receive luxury cars for his birthday).

As well-to-do, they are as easy to hate as they are to admire. And, judging by the insane number of hits the blog receives, that's what so many people on the internet have been doing that the blog has been featured in dozens of articles, from the New York Times to the Washington Post to CNN.

The fashion of hating rich kids on Instagram

The anonymous group of people who created the blog on July 13 did so thanks to a few extra glasses of wine and an Instagram search for photos tagged #wealth or #mansion or #yacht. After a short time, it was no longer necessary to search: people began to label their adventures as #rkoi (acronym for Rich kids of Instagram) in a more or less shameless way and with the hope of ending up on the fashion website that everyone was visiting. coming to hate.

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White is a hot percentage: the famous 1% of the US population that controls 90% of the country's wealth. Now - with the US economy recovering but not recovering - there is no greater exercise in escapism than seeing just how good the good life average workers will never have can be. The blog makes it easy to hate great fortunes as much as it makes it easy to yearn for them.

RKOI, as the invention is known, takes advantage of the fact that Instagram images are considered public and can be reproduced anywhere. Not always for the better. Many of the unsuspecting potentates, turned into a public icon of the most extravagant ostentation, have been hurt by their sudden fame. Alexandra Dell, daughter of Dell's owner, for example, discovered that her tweets and photos were leaving traces of her travels, invaluable to kidnappers or thieves who could get past the security her father, Michael, pays $2.7 for. million a year.

All these guys are united by more than their presence on the fashion blog this year: Hollywood has already contacted them. It is suspected that they could make a good reality show sooner rather than later. According to casting agent Lexi Shoemaker, many have already said yes to her. A check through, of course.


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