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They share solidarity at Christmas - Commerce

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An open -door container offers the opportunity to share.On its walls a message drives to do so: ‘Let's be carriers of hope’.That is the essence of the Christmas campaign is Jesus, which in this December 2021 celebrates 24 years of bringing solidarity to the most needy families.

To be part of this initiative, it is enough to deposit a rice case, a bottle of oil, tuna cans, chickpeas, gel alcohol, a mask package or some other basic product.Everything donated will shape 6,000 baskets that will be distributed in Guayas, Manabí, Pichincha, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Azuay.

“We seek to promote the true sense of Christmas that is the birth of the child Jesus.We try to recover that sense that we sometimes forget, but that is always in our hearts, ”says Milton Torres, campaign coordinator.

Solidarity is the most precious gift on this date and follows from the hands of those who integrate foundations and other social organizations.These days they accelerate their plans to gather food, toys, candies, clothing and other ways of helping with low -income homes, children or older.

Jonathan Foundation prepares to draw smiles in 15,000 families in Quito, especially from more remote areas such as Nono, Caupicho and Santa Rosa de Chillogallo.

This humanitarian crusade has remained for 20 years, since Kathy Avilés decided to keep her son's memory alive through solidarity.“One of the most beautiful experiences has been to reach children with cancer and cerebral palsy, which in the midst of their illness receives us with joy, with that smile of gratitude.It is something that cannot be felt anywhere else, ”says the director of the Foundation.

This year the group has organized a raffle to raise funds, but also receive clothes in good condition, food, diapers and vitamins at its headquarters, compared to ECU 911 (El Dorado).

Ellos comparten solidaridad en Navidad - El Comercio

Running to help is the initiative of the Food Bank Quito.Yesterday, December 17, 2021, the second edition of the 5K started, a virtual race to beat hunger through the funds collected by the registrations.The goal will be to take food to 9,657 people in vulnerability conditions.

"Our goal is to continue adding efforts to reach more people," says Alicia Guevara.The founder of the organization remembers that 18 years ago they began rescuing fruits and legumes in the markets, classifying them in a 6 m2 winery and attending 200 people.More than 92,000 people arrive in sectors such as San Bartolo Alto, La Roldós, Cutuglagua.The task continues: 5% of the food that is wasted in the capital is barely rescued.

During this month they have devised other strategies with the support of allies, such as redeeming tickets to museums for non -perishable food and advancing at least four community dining rooms in 2022.

In Cuenca, the collective is all on December 18 the first Christmas entertain.“They are living the effects of isolation and these activities will make them happy, says Luca Pallanca, promoter of the Crusade.  

A month ago they began to collect used toys in good condition and gathered more than 20,000 covers for the children of peri -urban neighborhoods and communities of the different parishes.This is one of the largest solidarity campaigns in the canton, which moves about 150 volunteers.

To them have joined officials of the Bar Associations and Notaries with donations, as well as judges, private companies and the Red Cross.

In Guayaquil, the Christmas container is Jesus will continue to be installed in one of the corridors of Mall del Sol.

Donando solidaridad

The Diakonia Food Bank invites you to enlarge the table to give 5,000 children a Christmas dinner (Guayaquil).The Solidaridar Foundation organizes the Christmas Fair of the Parish Virgen del Carmen, in Machala and August 10.The 5K virtual race of the Food Bank Quito ends tomorrow.The goal is to achieve 57 943 rations of food.The Jonathan Foundation organizes a raffle.Among its awards are two passages to Miami.The Ticket Cuesta USD 3.The Christmas campaign is Jesus all month.You can donate USD 20, the referential cost of a basket.We are all one will continue to receive donations on the ground floor of the UNE building, in Cuenca.The solidarity containers without begging, of the MIES, are in several shopping centers in Quito.Guayas Volunteer Coordinator Association holds a Christmas Fair, at Kennedy Norte, Guayaquil.The Red Cross, located in Borrero and Juan Jaramillo, is a point of collection of food and toys, in Cuenca.

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