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Things you should not do at Skyrim Close Ign Logo Comments Comments Comments Comments

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a very big game, with so much to do and discover that it's easy to end up doing something you'll later regret. So that you don't discover those things right after doing them, we've put together a handful of things you should avoid doing in Skyrim, so you're on your toes.Things NOT to do in Skyrim Close IGN Logo Comments Comments Comments Comments Things NOT to do in Skyrim Close IGN Logo Comments Comments Comments Comments

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Don't be 'good at everything'

Although it's understandable that you want your character to be a god at everything: a master fighter-mage-thief-alchemist who is capable of all types of weapons, remember that the game evolves with you. Although it doesn't reach Oblivion level, you can expect the enemies to be up to your level. That doesn't mean they'll always be as strong as you, but they'll get stronger as you keep leveling up and gaining skills.

This means that if you go through 10 levels just upgrading your non-combat skills, you might run into tougher enemies than the last time you saw them - if you don't gain new combat skills as well. Spreading your points too far would also have the same effect, so it might be better to upgrade your magical abilities if you've been planning on being a warrior with heavy armor and a two-handed sword...

Never steal from a chicken

Things NOT to do in Skyrim Close IGN Logo Comments Comments Comments

It may sound silly, but every thief should know that you shouldn't have ANY witnesses when you commit a crime - and that includes animals. Strangely, Skyrim's animals are as vigilant about theft as any human, and if you steal while a horse, chicken, or other domestic animal, you can expect them to alert the appropriate authorities. To this we must add that if you try to kill said animals, the people of the city will not be too happy with your actions.

Don't try to kill important NPCs

You can't. This includes any child - no matter how annoying. Unless you have a mod that disables essential NPCs, attacking them until they run out of health will only put them in a recovery state for a short period of time, until they get back up at full health.

This can cause problems in city massacres, when you come across multiple NPCs who cannot die, making it impossible to fully 'cleanse' the city. It is better to spend the time killing someone who may die.

Note that some essential NPCs lose their status after certain quests involving them, though this doesn't apply to everyone.

Don't take everything

It can seem tempting, especially at first when you don't have a lot of gold, to take everything that appears before you. But you will soon discover that your inventory is limited by your stamina and weight. Suddenly wearing heavy armor isn't nearly as interesting when you could use that same weight to pick up half a dozen chain mail.

Always keep in mind the weight:cost ratio. You want to wear things that weigh little but are worth a lot - like gems, as opposed to things that weigh a lot but are worth little - like iron armor.

Don't sell enchanted items

Although enchanted items are often very valuable - and sell for quite a bit - those who want to enchant their own weapons and armor should avoid selling enchanted items, when they could be disenchanted instead.

Disenchanting an item on the enchanting table will allow you to learn how to enchant other items with the properties of the item you disenchanted. Obviously, if you already know that particular enchantment, you can sell the item. But if you're a warrior and you find a staff enchanted with fire damage, it would make sense to disenchant the staff, which you're never going to use, to enchant your own weapons with fire damage.

Don't fight the guards

For most of the game, the guards in Skyrim are too tough to fight - mostly because they level up with you until you're a really high level character - and call for help from guards at every corner of the city, surrounding you with ease.

Because of this, it's best to run or even get caught if you're caught doing something you shouldn't. If it's not time to talk anymore - remember to put away your weapon and the guards will be more inclined to stop attacking and arrest you. Otherwise, go back and remember that the rewards are only applicable to the constituency in which you committed the crime.

Don't Store Things Where You Don't Own

It goes without saying, but you shouldn't hoard items in someone's house. After a few game days, any items you've put into containers that you don't own disappear. This is why buying a house is important, since you can accumulate everything you want in there, and it will always be waiting for you when you return.

Did we forget something that we should have listed? Tell us in the comments below.

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