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This is what the future looks like the Lord of the rings: Gollum in his first images

By hollisterclothingoutlet 03/06/2022 671 Views
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Jonathan León @Jodynk

Over the last two decades we have had countless video games based on Tolkien's universe. Most follow films and books; others, such as the Middle Earth saga, offer original stories. However, there has never been one starring Gollum before.

Así luce el futuro El Señor de los Anillos: Gollum en sus primeras imágenes

That'll be over soon. As we already knew, Daedalic Entertainment (creators of the Deponia saga and the whispered World) is developing the Lord of the rings: Gollum for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. today we have been able to see their first images thanks to the German GameStar portal.

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The game will be framed within the gender of action and stealth, with huge scenarios that will allow us to address situations from multiple alternatives. Being the good one of Smeagol the protagonist, it seems like a style of play that comes to him that doesn't even paint.

History promises a perspective never before seen for the story of the Lord of the rings, although little more we know about it. These catches suggest more or less how it will be played, but it does not mean that they are definitive, that is.

Gollum plans to leave at some point in 2021. As we said, its release for the new generation is confirmed, but Daedalic has not yet pronounced on whether this will be an intergenerational game that will also come out for PS4 and Xbox one.

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