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Inclusive clothing store goes viral for empowering women

By hollisterclothingoutlet 03/03/2022 805 Views

TikTok has allowed various businesses to go viral and find more customers. Such is the case for Summer Lucille , a Charlotte resident who, in her own need to find plus and more inclusive sizes, created Juicy Body Goddess. She began designing clothes from sizes XL to 6X.

When she first launched her ella business in 2011, she only offered small and large sizes. "I couldn't take any of it," Lucille said. "And she was always on a diet, always trying to lose weight," she says.

When she accepted herself as she is, she redesigned the concept of her brand. "This is what I am. I'm going to be chubby all my life, I need to accept it, I need to love it and I've hugged it ever since, and I said I just want to do plus sizes," Lucille commented excitedly.

To this day, her business has grown enormously thanks to social networks, especially on TikTok, where she has thousands of views.

"We plus size women can get our stomachs out, we can get all of that out just like everyone else," Lucille wrote in an Instagram post.

"I'm a fat girl and I'm making clothes for fat girls," she announced. Users from different social networks congratulated the woman on her entrepreneurship and encouraged her to continue empowering plus-size women.

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