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Tips from Marie Kondo to teach organization to the little ones

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The guru of order announced her third pregnancy and we remember her tips so that children understand the importance of order.

By Carolina BermudezMarie Kondo's tips for teaching little ones organization Marie Kondo's tips for teaching little ones organization

Marie Kondo has become the highest authority on domestic order and organization. Author, businesswoman, consultant and already, also, quite a celebrity, Kondo has not taught the most practical techniques to achieve an organized life.

Children and adults alike have something to learn from the tidying guru and precisely speaking of the little ones at home, Marie posted a beautiful photo on Instagram to announce her third pregnancy.

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Marie Kondo explains that even for her, it has been difficult for her to rearrange her life for motherhood, and that it was a difficult task to start organizing the lives of her little ones and her home in view of the imminent arrival of a new member of the family. For this reason, we cannot help but remember her advice to teach the little ones the importance of order.

Keep reading and discover Marie Kondo's tips for organizing children's and baby spaces:

Toys together, puzzles over there and stuffed animals in the basket…

Sort by category with your children. Create a system with containers, boxes, baskets or furniture to accommodate the children's room. For example, you can put all the art supplies in plastic boxes for visibility, the stuffed animals on shelves for easy access, and all the board games in the closet. Recognize the space you have and then use it and take advantage of it.

Create a routine that becomes a habit

Marie Kondo's tips for teaching organization to the little ones

You learn from a young age, so it is very important that children are taught routines that become habits as they grow up. Associating ordering as a consequence of playing is an excellent idea. So after playtime it's a good option to tell your kids to put away the toys they used. You will see that after a while, this will be an automatic action.

put everything in view, using your creativity as well as storage tools. It is important that things are also placed at a suitable height for children since this will make it easy for them to locate and accommodate them. Having shelves with storage cubes is an excellent strategy so that the little ones can order in addition to adding cards where the content of the cube comes from and you could even associate it with colors: the puzzles in the green cube, the school supplies in the red one and the balls in the blue.

You learn by reading

It is important to teach children the meaning of order and its importance in our lives. In addition to teaching by example and applying strategies, you can read with them various stories and books that will teach little ones the essentials of order in our lives.

all the space to accommodate your things. You must draw spatial limits to them. We suggest you teach them that only their room will be the right place to store their belongings; You can achieve this by giving them specific spaces as well as exclusive tools for them: boxes, baskets or cabinets.

Folding clothes vertically is for everyone

Not only folding clothes vertically applies to adult closets but also to small ones. Teaching little ones this way of folding their clothes will allow them greater independence when selecting their daily clothing, as well as having fun organizing it by colors or patterns.

The rule of what makes you happy

Temporarily do a general cleaning with your little ones so that together they select those things that no longer make them happy . In addition to teaching them the importance of order with this famous Kondo method, you can foster a habit of responsible consumption in them. It is an excellent idea that when you finish purifying your room, you go together to donate what no longer makes you happy but that others do.

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