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Video: They show Ricos' family to spend one million pesos in clothing

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Como un día cualquiera de shopping, la familia millonaria de los Díaz, integrada por siete personas, acudió a las tiendas más exclusivas de Mexico

Mexico.- A través de la plataforma de Youtube se ha viralizado un video en e que muestra un poco de la excéntrica vida de una familia rica en Mexico que gastó más de un millón de pesos en prendas de ropa de lujosas y costosas marcas.

It was the “Yulay” youtuber who documented through a 20 -minute video a day of “shopping” any of the millionaire Diaz family composed of parents and their five children: Karen, Brayan, the twins Jordy and Joan, soLike the smallest, Angel Díaz Jr.

En el video se aprecia que la familia Papá, mamá e hijos recorren varias plazas de la Ciudad de Mexico donde compran plácidamente y sin sin interrupciones pues incluso, hacen que los empleados cierren las tiendas para ellos solos.

VIDEO: Muestran a familia de ricos que gasta un millón de pesos en ropa

As expected, the family has a large security escort, who in addition to loading all bags, are dedicated to monitoring the security of each family member.

Of course, before starting their journey and spending money on clothes, the family goes to a street taco stall without grief and to "have some energy".Then they move in their luxury cars and trucks to stores.

Then they travel the stores of the most exclusive brands worldwide: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Balenciaga, Philip Plein and Balmain.

Most of the garments exceed 15 thousand pesos, 50 thousand and up to 70 thousand Mexican pesos but one of the highest purchases went to the minor of the family, who chose an rolex watch with a cost of 332 thousand pesos.

Family receives praise

Despite the money they spent, the millionaire family of the Díaz received positive comments from the users who have seen the video for being "humble" even when because of the great fortune they possess, it might seem otherwise.

However, at no time refer to what type of business is dedicated or where they obtained their wealth.

"A lot of wool, but it stands out and admires more the humility they have";“The way they treat and integrate Yulay, says everything !!!!That fucking their way of being and thinking! ";"That millionaire family has more respect and education than other people";"With a fair, with cars, luxurious life but above all with humility and that is what makes this beautiful family great family greetings and much success," were some of the users' comments.

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