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How to dress in autumn and winter and not look like the doll that announces the tires

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When it comes to the autumn or winter climate, it is important to wear several layers of clothing to keep you warm and stylish.The sets in layers are practical during autumn I will protect you from cold and icy climate intensifies in winter because they keep you hot, comfortable and fashionable.

And it is that the complexity of the autumn and winter attire is only to combine the right ones to look great and with style, but as the cold intensifies we add more clothes and the fear is to look like that doll that announces the Micheline tires,He is beautiful and tender, but we would not like to tell us that our outfit is similar to him.

But then how to survive the cold without losing the style, the answer is to dominate the art of dressing in layers.The idea is to use layers of different lengths to avoid an attire that seems too bulky.If you use a lot of layers that have all the same lengths, you may start losing your silhouette.

You could consider using high wais jeans, a slightly short shirt that ends just above the hips, a cardigan or a flannel that goes down beyond the hips and a coat with a hem that is between the shirt and the cardigan.As simple as it seems, using different lengths is really useful to create a silhouette that is not overwhelmed by a lot of layers, says the expert Ana Thomas.The expert gives advice.

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Get your shirt

Cómo vestir en otoño e invierno y no parecer el muñeco que anuncia las llantas

If you use an outfit that has many layers, it is easy to feel heavy or even bulky.An easy solution for this is to put the base shirt inside.When putting the shirt at the bottom, he will not lose his waist.It will help you maintain a female silhouette and your outfit will look much more flattering.

Layers in layers with leggings or meshes

It depends on where you live, in Mexico winter can be very raw or not so icy, so it is easy to ignore the dresses and skirts.At first glance, they may seem a little practical option for the winter climate, but it is not always the case.If you want to wear dresses or skirts in the winter, but you still want to keep warm, wear meshes.

It is an easy and effective way to make your favorite sets more appropriate for the season.The good thing about wearing a combination of dress and leggings in the winter is that you can still look elegant effortlessly without sacrificing your comfort, details the fashion expert.

Use a layer between shirt and coat

To stay warmed throughout the day, you will definitely want to use a layer between the shirt and the coat.That way, it will remain warm while it is outside, but it will also have an optional layer to use indoors that will not heat it too much.It is not really practical to bring the coat inside unless it has a cold, but it is possible that it feels too cold only with the shirt.This is when an additional layer like a flannel or a cardigan will be more useful.

Turtle necks

If you want to stay more warm at this time, one of the best garments to combine is a high neck sweater.These shirts are perfect.Interestingly, despite the fact that turtle necks are simple and do not reveal much skin, they help create a female silhouette.When combined with a light coat of shelter clothes.Add your favorite coat and some delicate accessories, turtle necks will help you stay warm and style.

Always carry with you an extra sweater

It is always a good idea to have an additional sweater of light coat clothes in your car, bag or backpack.You never really know what the temperature will be like work, classroom or dining room.If you do not want to wear your jacket inside, but you feel too cold with your shirt, it may be very useful to have an additional flannel or a close hoodie.

The final touch a scarf

One of the easiest ways to stay warmed and combine all its set is to use a scarf.This perfect accessory for cold weather and obviously are elegant.When everything else fails, a scarf is an excellent way to combine all the different colors and patterns.

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