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What do you need to start your urban garden?

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There is nothing more natural than what you can grow yourself.The vegetables and fruits that you take out of your garden will not carry chemicals and you will also eat them freshly collected, which will ingest all its intact properties.

Many may think that it is impossible to have a garden because they live on a floor, but it is not necessary to have a plot of land or a garden to mount a garden.With a small terrace, even with a balcony, we can grow lettuce, tomatoes or radishes.

If you want to save and also know what you eat we tell you everything you need to start your urban garden.

Cultivation table

The necessary pot for the creation of an urban garden will depend on the space you have.You can do it in pots, gardeners or, cultivation tables.In addition, each species of crop needs a different depth: lettuce, spinach and radishes have few roots, so they require shallow depth.To do this we can choose the textile pots, which are very light and adapt very well to the spaces.Other crops will require you a deeper container.For example, if we want to grow garlic, onions, tomatoes and peppers we must have at least 24cm.The best option in this case, if the space allows you, are the cultivation tables why they are very practical and comfortable and allow a lot of crops.To make the most of you, you must think about alternating the plants based on the growth cycles of each.And, in addition, you will have to take into account the minimum space that each species needs.

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¿Qué necesitas para poner en marcha tu huerto urbano?

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Among the existing substrates, the most important thing is that the soil has an adequate proportion: 60% of substrate that provides structure and 40% of substrate that works as fertilizer.In the market you can find substrates specially prepared for urban gardens.Other very useful substrates for their good properties are vermicompost (earthworm humus) and coconut fiber.Both are light organic substrates, through which the air circulates well and retain water and nutrients well.If you use these two substrates, the coconut fiber would provide structure and vermicompost the nutrients and properties of organic matter.Before sowing it is necessary to prepare the earth to oxygenate it and leave it loose and fluffy.

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It is necessary to be aware of the constant humidity required in the substrate, but without causing excesses that can have an impact on a washing of nutrients.For this, it is possible to make manual irrigation by shower or you can opt for automatic drip irrigation, which will provide a frequency and flow of water suitable for the plant and save you thus also enough water.To do this we must get an irrigation kit drop by drop to install in our garden but if we want to have everything controlled we can acquire an irrigation programmer.With these two products we will have controlled that every day our garden receives the fair water that needs without any effort on our part.

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The simplest to start cultivating an urban garden is the squad.When you have more experience you can grow with seeds, even your own production.The type of culture you do will depend on whether your space receives a lot of direct light throughout the year or just a season.If you have many hours of light you can choose species such as tomato, cucumber or zucchini and if you have less sunny hours, you will have to get species that do not demand so much light or prefer the shadow as they are: lettuce, the radishes, onions or chard.The best planting time is in spring, but it is possible to sow at any time of the year whenever very cold or very warm summer days are avoided.

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