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Emma Watson is a fashion goddess: her best looks we all want to carry

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Most of us have favorite artists and celebrities and one of the many reasons why we follow them in their social networks is because we identify with their style and way of dressing.However, many of these celebs use very luxurious and quirky garments causing their proposals to seem unattainable.

In the case of Emma Watson, the beautiful and talented actress, at 31 years of age, shows us that the style and good taste are closely related to classic and basic garments, so a white blouse and black pants are enough to assembleA look worthy of red carpet.

Emma Watson, a beautiful and powerful woman

We met her as a girl with the revolt hair playing Hermione Granger in one of the most important sagas for the film industry: Harry Potter.But in addition to being a talented actress, Emma Watson has a strong relationship with the fashion world since it has been the image of great firms such as Burberry and Lancôme.Of course, without leaving behind suffering commitment to environmental sustainability and feminism.

So at their 31 years, Emma Watson shows us that time is and will be her best ally for the beauty that invades her inside and the one who shows outside, making her a beautiful and powerful woman in every way.

Emma Watson's style

In addition to being a talented, intelligent and large -heart.Here the tests:

Casual style

Emma Watson es una diosa de la moda: sus mejores looks que todas queremos llevar

We might think that a white blouse and black pants and moccasins is a "boring" look, but Emma Watson shows that even this way you can go to a red carpet.The message: no matter the clothes you wear, but the security you have in yourself.And we assure you is not and will be the last time we see it in great events with simple and casual outfits.

Mix of garments

That we cannot combine Super Casual Unat-Shirt with a sequin dress?Emma and the impeccable and risky taste of her for her fashion shows us that everything is possible.

Total Black

Emma's secret to show off a total black look is mixing textures.Here is a clear example of a long shot with volume in the chest, but she gave her her touch leaving one of her extra long velvet boots exposed.In addition, he balanced very well carrying his hair collected with small straight strands.

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A single garment can create your look completely, it's just a matter of paying attention to details and accessories.In this case, Emma looks spectacular thanks to the fact that he knew perfectly what shoes use (black stilettos), what a hairsty.

Lace and leather jacket dress

When we saw Emma with this proposal we loved it!She then transmits an air of rebellion, but without abandoning her classic and elegant style.We definitely clear that we would wear something like that to go out with our crush.For this type of outfit it is always advisable to use an accessory that breaks with the monochromatic, she did it with her shoes.

Maxi skirt

A light, steamy, casual but at the same time jovial look.Nothing that a white shirt and a maxi skirt cannot solve.In this case, the clutch that carries in his hands leaves that subtle and elegant rhinestones in view.

White dress

For her nothing is impossible and here he shows us how a totally white dress can make you look spectacular.It is the clear example of the phrase "less is more".

Extra short bangs

It is not necessary for Emma.On this occasion he wanted to take a subtle turn to his look with this bangs and the truth is incredible.

And maybe you will think that the looks that we show you before are great successes because Emma takes them during an event, so we want you to check that their style and sophistication do not depend on the reflectors, this makes it very clear in their day -to -day life photosIn your Instagram account and stories:


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