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How to combine stamped garments according to your body type

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Each woman is different and all bodies are perfect, but to dress and highlight each of your charms, it is necessary to take certain recommendations into account.Then I will talk to you how to combine stamped garments according to your morphology.

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Triangle or pear

For these two body types, it is more functional than the prints are located at the top.Horizontal stripes or striking prints will be great in that area.In the lower part or hips choose neutral colors and plain garments.


This type of body is characterized by being very asymmetric and of little pronounced waist.The ideal print for highlight.

Inverted triangle

If you have a body of inverted triangle, choose to wear garments with large or small prints in the area of your hips, among which the flowers, moles, animal print or lines stand out, to mention some.Thus run to your closet to verify each of your pieces.

Cómo combinar prendas estampadas de acuerdo a tu tipo de cuerpo

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Oval or apple

This type of body is characterized by volume both in the hip area and in the upper part, in this case the subtle prints are the ideals, since the large ones will generate more volume and obvious we want the opposite effect.


Women with aja clock body are characterized by having their shoulders and proportionately aligned chokes, in addition to the very marked waist.For this type of body, small prints are ideals, since they will extend your figure and highlight your curves.

Even if you do not believe it, height is also very important to show off prints in the right way, so take these recommendations into account: if your height is 1.60 or less, prefer small prints, if it is 1.60 to 1.70 Choose the medians, and finally if it is 1.70 up you have the freedom to use what you want.

With this information it is enough for you to do an analysis of your clothes, and once and for all you take out your closet what is not making your attributes look, remember that it is not necessary to spend too much, the important thing is to put together a good backgroundof closet.

So you already know how to get more benefit to your prints, remember that all bodies are perfect, but each one has different details that must be highlighted, in addition clothing is a means of expression, everything is extraordinary communication that seems like.

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