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The 35 Best Graphic Novels You'll Read Over And Over

By hollisterclothingoutlet 29/03/2023 667 Views

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Is the graphic novel the new must-have for any nightstand? I say yes. In recent years, this type of illustrated book has been gaining popularity and more and more readers are choosing them. The union between illustration and literature gives rise to a product of 10, which also satisfies all those 'restless asses' who need a story that they can consume quickly and efficiently. You know, if you have a friend who has always said that they don't read because they don't have patience or aren't capable of being constant, they are crying out for a graphic novel. Behave yourself, grant him the wish and give it to him NOW.

"From those powders, come these muds", goes the saying and popular wisdom, friends, that never fails. Because it is no coincidence that a good part of the habitual readers of graphic novels today are those children who in the 80s and 90s grew up surrounded by comics. 'Tintin', the Marvel characters, our endearing 'Mortadelo and Filemón' or even the 'Mafalda' comics (a fan, a huge fan of the latter) filled the shelves, library afternoons, game rooms and even, the school backpacks of many of us who were once young.

Top 35 Graphic Novels You'll Read Once and again

From the 80s and 90s we travel to the present to understand the rise of the graphic novel. Its dimension and success is such that it has even made publishers such as Lunwerg specialize in this type of illustrated work. And not only has this link in the chain specialized in graphic narrative, bookstores are also joining this trend and in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​you can already find some centers dedicated solely and exclusively to satisfying the wishes of those who stayed with the trauma of "Teo going to places" deep within themselves.

Getting a bit more serious, if there is a field in which the graphic novel stands out, that is that of literature written by women. Names like Moderna de Pueblo or Lola Vendetta are part of a group of creators who have consolidated their space within this genre. All of them focus their works on the dissemination of feminism, although each one does so with a different tone, ranging from the autobiographical story, to humor, going through the essay.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are talking about women and comics, to end this introduction we are going to paraphrase Mafalda: "Let the world stop, I'll get off here" (to find the graphic novel of my life).

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