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Tommy Hilfiger's American dream: «My autistic children have special talents.They are happy, but they also become very sad »

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With just 16 years he gathered the 150 dollars he had saved working in a gas station in Elmira (New York), his hometown. He bought 20 pairs of jeans, customized them and sold them to his classmates. Everyone experienced the same as him: feeling like a rock and roll star. Thomas Jacob Hilfiger (70 years old), the second of the nine children of an Irish family, was a dyslexic and sensitive boy who often rejected with his father. He left high school studies to undertake his business and, miraculously, at age 22 he became rich. It didn't last long. At two and a half years, his company went bankrupt and ruined. Tommy knew that a creative and entrepreneurial hippy like him would have to fight to achieve American dream. And he fought. Just turned 30, he created his signature and got the first million dollars. The badge: a flag with nautical roots: the International Signal Code that correspond to the letters T, J and H of the Marine Alphabet, its initials. He always wanted to be a Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie or a fashion Rolling Stones; Precisely, they were the ones who pushed him to reinvent sportwear and glorify that culture made of American baseball or football matches, the motels photographed by Dennis Hopper and Harlem's Afrolatine miscegenation.

El sueño americano de Tommy Hilfiger: «Mis hijos autistas tienen talentos especiales. Son felices, pero también se ponen muy tristes»

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