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How long should it go between one pregnancy and another?Doctors respond

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El embarazo conlleva grandes cambios para el organismo de la mujer. Por ende, después de este proceso, el cuerpo también debe pasar por un período de recuperación. Esto hace que surja una duda: ¿cuánto tiempo debes dejar pasar entre un embarazo y otro?

Some parents decide to have two children consecutively, so the little ones will have little age difference and their coexistence will be narrower.

However, before deciding to carry out another pregnancy, some time should be passed not to put the health of the mother at risk.

With natural birth

Many women fear natural childbirth, since it is quite painful.However, it is an excellent way to give birth, because recovery is much faster than with caesarean section.

¿Cuánto tiempo debe pasar entre un embarazo y otro? Los médicos responden

According to the Department of Health for the woman of the United States, it is best to wait a year, that is, 12 months, or a little more to get pregnant after having a natural birth.

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With caesarean section

When the delivery is given through caesarean section, the recovery takes a little longer.Although it is a very common and safe intervention, it is still a surgical procedure.Therefore, it is essential to wait for the right time before conceiving again.

The March of Dimes organization suggests waiting for 18 to 24 months (that is, from a year and a half to two years) to get pregnant again after going through a caesarean section.

What happens if I don't expect enough?

Getting pregnant a short time after giving birth can bring multiple consequences:

Para evitar estos riesgos, es importante encontrar el método anticonceptivo más adecuado para ti, con ayuda de tu ginecólogo. Sigue leyendo:

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