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Did you know that astrology can help you understand your child's personality?

Cosmic family, horoscopes show us signs in general, but to have a more global perspective, we need to pay attention to other aspects such as the ascendant and the moon.

Therefore, we as parents are interested in any kind of advice that helps us better understand and educate our offspring.

I leave you the specific generalities of each sign. I hope you find them very useful for healthy and beautiful family life.

First, the Fire sign children. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius


Active children, they love action games, they are impatient, they have a hard time falling asleep, they love competitions or contests, they are impulsive, bright colors attract their attention, they are born leaders. We must take care that they are not aggressive when they feel frustrated.

INTEREST in car racing, firefighters, sports, warriors, superheroes, soldiers and swords.

LEO. (JUL 23-AUG 22)

Confident, histrionic, noble, creative, self-confident, generous, mischievous, competitive, loyal, adventurous, proud and charming children. It is important to always nurture your self-esteem, but without falling into pride or self-centeredness.

INTEREST in theater, acting, modeling, they are natural artists, they like acts of magic and illusionism, they love musical instruments and could even dream of being rock stars, if you give them a crown, you will make them very happy, Just like with adventure books.


Optimistic, jovial, fun, happy children, they have a lot of energy, it is advisable to focus them on sports, they love open places, go to picnics, they are free and independent children, very philosophical, they will surely ask you about more advanced topics at their age, they are very rational and you have to establish the limits and encourage discipline so that in their adulthood, they know how to integrate into a productive work environment.

INTEREST in travel, picnics, fun, gymnastics or athletics, adventure books, rocking horses, trains, and pets.

Second, the Earth sign children. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn


Very observant and practical children, creative, peaceful, stable, they do not like changes, therefore, it is necessary to explain to them that changes are for the better and that there are things that cannot always be controlled, there is a tendency to be possessive, it is It is very important to teach them to share, especially if they have siblings.

INTEREST in gardening, carpentry, building, assembling, cooking, singing, geology, music and eating sweets, they should ration them a little with sweets.


Analytical, critical, organized, helpful, practical, precise, perfectionist, demanding, picky eater, clean, tidy children enjoy helping with household chores to find a sense of belonging in the family. They love to make lists, they can be your assistant to organize the pantry or even the closet.

INTEREST in helping others, many adult Virgos are nurses or social workers or doctors, they like writing, chemistry and anatomy games and agendas or lists.


Lonely children, structured, disciplined, practical, patient, independent, responsible, determined, inflexible, persistent and strong.

INTEREST for older people, often their friends will be adults or authority figures, they like office supplies, such as a desk, calculators, paperclips, tools, dice, dump trucks and usually would like to be lawyers or even president. Some have developed artistic talent.

Third, the children of the Air sign. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius


Explorers, mischievous, restless, talkative, dual, a little reckless, indiscreet, intelligent, imaginative, distracted, love to tell stories. They all listen and repeat everything, we must teach them from a very young age the value of discretion and the importance of not telling what people trust us.

INTEREST in researching, reading, learning, speaking other languages, solving puzzles, they can become announcers, they love to ride a bicycle or roller skates, they enjoy board games with friends and if you give them a microphone, you will make them the happiest child.


Sweet, tender, diplomatic, angry, insecure, indecisive, sociable, placid children, they seek comfort at all costs and avoid confrontation. It is very difficult for them to deal with frustration and from an early age, we must encourage them to decide; from small things, like choosing their clothes, to the activity they would like to develop, this with the purpose that in their adult life they are not afraid to assert their opinion.

INTEREST in concerts, pouncing games, music, some may become lawyers or work in diplomatic posts. If you give him dolls that are pleasing to the eye, he will like them very much, as well as memoramas or snakes and ladders.


Original, eccentric, intelligent, creative, free, innovative, stubborn, independent, sociable children, above all I want to point out, that they can be emotionally distant, for this reason, it is necessary to teach them to have contact with their emotions from an early age.

INTEREST in technology, robots, geometric shapes, spaceships. Later, when they are adults, many choose to be writers, influencers, bloggers and everything that is mass communication. And also as adults they can be photographers, leaders of non-profit organizations, clubs, event organizers, in short, if you want to do it. very happy, you can give him a cell phone, tablet or video game.

Finally, the children of the Water sign. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces


Quiet, tender children, with good feelings, naive, loving, sensitive, distrustful, cry easily and are very attached to their mother, they have a hard time socializing, although they love to feel that they belong to a group. Above all we must take care of their diet, they can hide behind food so as not to process their feelings and they are a bit shy.

INTEREST in motherhood, family; if you have younger siblings, it will be your best helper when it comes to taking care of them, they like pets, food and cooking, babies and crafts. In short, if you want to give him something to make him smile, a tree house would be a dream come true, even a chest where he can store his treasures or a baking class.


Very complex children. It is not easy to decipher them, in other words, they are children full of contrasts; mysterious and deep, sentimental and intuitive, jealous, changeable, artistic, tantrums and controllers. What is worse is that they are precocious in everything; from their cognitive development, to their sexual awakening. They need to be guided and educated on these issues, to function healthily in a sexual life when they are adults.

INTEREST in medicine, sexuality, paranormal situations, magic, anatomy, the macabre, mysteries, they love the beach and diving, if you want to make them very happy, play hide and seek with them or tell them myths and legends. In this way, promoting astronomical knowledge by taking him to the planetarium could be a phenomenal experience for him.


Dreamy and imaginative children, they are like sponges, they tend to absorb the emotions of the environment. They are susceptible to nightmares, as they are psychic and empathic. From a very young age, they must be taught that they cannot solve other people's problems, but that they can stay close as good friends. They are sociable but have a hard time building trust, therefore, sometimes they are lonely, if from a very young You teach them to take care of their self-esteem, they will have security to face the difficulties of life.

INTEREST in the mystical and mythical, in writing or dancing, in general, they develop well in art, they like lakes and lagoons, even more than the sea. They will feel that it is their duty to help those who need them and I would not be surprised if they see a helpless little animal and take it home to heal and rehabilitate it.

astrological tips

To conclude, I want to remind you that each person is unique and unrepeatable. The basic descriptions presented here, only show generalities, I recommend you read the sign of the ascendant and the moon of your child for a more complete picture, if you do not know this information, I put myself at your service to make your child's birth chart and so on. have more valuable tools for the evolutionary and conscientious parenting of your children.

If you mention this article, I will give you a 20% discount on your study.

You can always contact me for a session, as well as to do your birth chart or a personal tarot reading or your predictions for 2022.

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