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Maternity in times of coronavirus: what do I need to protect my baby?

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You're not the only one, but this is no consolation. Many pregnant women in Spain these days go through a double uncertainty: the usual one of what their delivery will be like and the added one due to the coronavirus at a time when hospitals are full of cases and contagion has to be avoided with isolation.Motherhood in times of coronavirus: what do I need to protect my baby? Motherhood in times of coronavirus: what do I need to protect my baby?

Initially, pregnant women do not have "a greater risk of becoming infected with the new coronavirus", as explained by the Ministry of Health in its recent document Management of pregnant women and newborns with Covid-19. So, if you haven't gotten over it yet, the general recommendation from psych professionals is to try to relax and keep busy preparing for everything related to the baby.

Even if you have tested positive for coronavirus, information from different health organizations affirms that this virus does not seem to be transmitted during pregnancy or during childbirth. However, other types of precautions must be taken, which mean, in any case, extreme hygiene and protection measures in different situations after childbirth.


The Initiative for the Humanization of Assistance at Birth and Breastfeeding (IHAN), following official advice, points out that it is not recommended to suspend breastfeeding, except in serious cases in which medication is being taken that can be transmitted by milk to baby "After childbirth, the Covid-19 infection does not require interrupting skin-to-skin contact or the first feeding in the first hour, as long as the clinical status of mother and child allows it," he highlights in a document on his website.

However, IHAN advises "maintaining the measures that have been used during childbirth to avoid contagion", such as hand disinfection. The use of hygienic masks is also effective, which will prevent droplet infection in the extreme proximity of the act of breastfeeding. They were already used to prevent other types of infections before this new virus appeared. These from Chicco can be worn by newborn babies and there are six units.


Motherhood in times of coronavirus: what do I need to protect my baby?

Caution must be present at any time of baby care, so the mother's personal hygiene is decisive. The baby could contract the virus by contact with the nipple at the time of breastfeeding. For this reason, chest hygiene is essential and can be maximized with antibacterial absorbent pads, which, in addition to soap and water, help keep the area disinfected between feedings. You can buy those from Chicco here from 8.89 euros for 60 units.

Even if there are problems with pain or sores on the nipples, the nipple shields are a good remedy against contagion if they are kept properly disinfected after each use. You have those from Suavinex in size S and M from 7.25 euros and include a hygienic protective box.


The clothes that the mother wears must also be properly washed, as well as those that the baby wears, since the virus could be on the clothes and end up being transmitted during breastfeeding or cleaning the child's mouth to either of them. There are detergents that do not need high temperatures to disinfect and are suitable for delicate baby clothes. Like this one from Sanytol, whose 4-pack can be purchased here for only 19.96 euros.


In times when we wash our hands more times a day than usual, a sterilizer is perhaps the best weapon with which to defend the health of the baby. They are useful even if other circumstances prevent direct breastfeeding, because expressing and taking breast milk from a bottle is also advisable. This one from Hepa has capacity for up to 6 bottles, has a heater and is available here for 68.47 euros.

"The new virus has not been detected in breast milk and no mother-child transmission has been observed," says IHAN. And "the characteristics of the virus, similar to those of other respiratory viruses (such as influenza) indicate that it is very unlikely that the virus is transmitted through milk," explains the agency.

And it is that "suspending breastfeeding in the face of Covid-19 poses more risk than benefit for mother and child," says Ihan. The reason is that "in childhood, the risk of complications such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia decreases by about 70% in breastfed infants."


When changing diapers, and given the uncertainty that feces can spread the coronavirus, it is best to be as scrupulous as possible. In this task, disposable gloves at diaper change time will be a great option, but also a specific bucket to dispose of them like the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec, which can be purchased here with replacement bags for 49.99 euros, and which also will prevent odors at home.

Tranquility without being in your arms

Alertness during childbearing is innate, but rest, especially during the early stages, is important. A surveillance camera can contribute to this, since it will combat the restlessness of the parents and allow the mother to gradually begin to carry out some of her ordinary tasks, such as playing sports or relaxing watching a movie while her baby rests safely in another room. . Some, like the one from Boifun available here for 65.44 euros, not only have night vision but also alert to temperature changes in the room, they are bidirectional and play lullabies.

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