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Pulpitos that embrace the life of pulpit premature babies that embrace the life of premature babies

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When it comes to giving the soul in small acts, the action is more valuable.And if when offering it it is done through a noble gesture, even more.It is that solidarity always entails a touch of sensitivity that mobilizes hearts, more if there is talk of a premature baby.

The action motivated to help the littlecrochet fabrics with the best intentions.

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Thus, artisans who integrate this group provide a bit of themselves, capturing threads, wool and needles;A very special gift that will help a new being, nothing more and nothing less than survive from its first hours of existence.

Of oranges, roses, gray, white, green, violet and many more colors;Pulpites arise.All of them, full of a love that wraps and caresses, without asking anything in return.They are the unconditional companions that give strength so that the little ones with prematurity do not let themselves be invaded by that certain loneliness that they have to live in incubator.And then they become the perfect company even in unfavorable times, because the baby is fully aware of this soft presence, which as an early stimulation is proposed as a silent and accomplice friend.

Four years passed since this initiative of Danish origin, came to life in Jujeñas and;With her, the pulpit that hugged the first heart with prematurity, becoming the most valuable closeness for that baby under this condition.Such is the importance and effect achieved by the tissue amigurumi through their arms/tentacles, which remind the littleits vital signs such as heart and respiratory rate, body temperature and oxygen saturation, all indispensable for good neurological development.It is a contact that in turn, prevents the probes or roads that can have connected.

Little big hero / from his dream, in constant struggle to subsist.

Pulpitos que abrazan la vida de bebés prematuros Pulpitos que abrazan la vida de bebés prematuros

Therefore, with the idea of taking impulse and continuing to help babies who arrive in the world promptly, it is that the situation requires true solidarity effort and "hugging hearts", as NGOs is determined to give him the importance he deserves, multiplyingThe action and thus reach the entire province to grow solidarity for many different realities and that the difficult situation is reduced."Within the framework of the day (November 17) and the week of premature, we decided to remember this date and summon the weavers who want to be part so that at these parties, babies have their octopus," said Mariana Romero;voice of the non -governmental organization that urges collective creativity as a bridge to carry out this distinguished work.

Many pulpites need to leave and see the world, maintaining new hope for babies who advanced to their commitment to life, therefore, the second insurance group;In its social responsibility for people and the environment, it is part of this company with the collaboration of the material for the elaboration of 300 therapeutic octopuses.With this great help, the weavers of "hugging hearts" and those who wish to join short.The highest expectations are put into play, with the faithful purpose of summoning the weavers of all Jujuy in this framework.

"We can give thread or wool or you can also buy it, 100%cotton thread, of any color, we combine it of all colors," said Mariana.

More than a toy, he is a partner

The most reigning particularity of the pulpit is that it is not a conventional toy, it comes with an originally established mission.Since its realization, special attention is given in detail, with a pleasant point, with a friendly point;that touches a unique softness, as if I told the child: "Without knowing you, I already love you".

On this wonderful initiative that was born in Denmark with a premature baby, Marian.

It is this story, which constitutes a flag that many countries follow as an example.

In Jujuy, little by little, "hugging hearts" try to break through and find many weavers on this path, so that this light of hope in every life that clings to subsist.After exploring and considering different possibilities, finally, it was concluded that this friendly partner must be born all the time and, therefore, all the time (literally) the activity is needed to restart, to relieve the burden of little greatGuerrero, renewing solidarity hands that adhere to the cause.Thus, certain measures carries this good friend.Your head, for example, should not exceed 10 centimeters long, nor stretched tentacles should be more extensive than that amount of centimeters.In such a way, that every doll itself, in addition to respecting a pattern, is made with the security that must be contemplated, according to the case;and thus remain ready in order to accompany a story forever.

Pulpitos, Pulpitos sweets / a soft company for premature babies.

"There are people from all over the province who communicates because they want to weave.We know of testimonies that are pretty that babies never detach themselves from octopuses, which continue to sleep with them up to three years.Others have guardians, babies who have not managed to survive remain in the pulpit through their smell and other cases, where they have buried them with the pulpit;Of those testimonies, millions.We want to continue helping, "Mariana concluded.Hugging NGO hearts is on Facebook, it also has a private WhatsApp group, where instructions are taught how to perform pulpit and other detailed specifications on solidarity action.Available, for all types of consultations, is the phone: 388-155750674.

Danish Octoproject

When at Christmas 2012 a small fighter arrived in this world born by Emergency Caesarean section in Denmark.His father contacted the blogger and weaver Josefine Hagen Solgaard to make a fabric pulpite that accompanied his newborn daughter in the incubator during his hospital stay.Josefine did not hesitate and agreed to the sweet request of this father, he worked his magic and wove a crochet pulpit.

They soon realized that the little girl clung to the tentacles of the octopus instead of the cables and tubes of the incubator, which reduced the accidents to which they were accustomed and in turn observed how she seemed to feel calmer.That pulpit was the first of many (in a few weeks 168 octopos arrived at the Neonatology Unit) and that was how the Danish Octo Project of Spruttegruppen DK was born.

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