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Tikitakas the difficulties that Verdeliss is going through in his seventh pregnancy

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Verdeliss, her husband Aritz and her seven children form one of the best known families within the social landscape of our country.A popularity that served for Navarra to participate in the sixth edition of ‘GH VIP’ with celebrities such as Angel Garó, Monica Hoyos, Aurah Ruiz or Isa Pantoja, among others.And it is that the influencer adds more than 1.4 million followers in their social networks where every day he shares how his life is seven children in full school age.

The influencer is going through the fifth month of its seventh pregnancy, a baby waiting with great enthusiasm.“Indeed, there is a baby growing inside me and I would not know if it has been easy or not to keep the secret.This time, everything has been different.I have debated between proclaiming the four winds our happiness or continuing to protect in that beautiful bubble where only our most intimate knew the news...”Verdeliss announced at the beginning of August.

Despite being about to enter the third quarter, Verdeliss continues with its intense agenda as an influencer since it has recently been seen in several advertising events organized in the city of Madrid.In one of them, Pamplona's has decided to sincere himself against the microphones of Europa Press on the difficulties he is going through during this seventh pregnancy."I have spent a very complicated month, each pregnancy takes it worse, although it takes the palm," he began by saying.

Tikitakas Las dificultades que atraviesa Verdeliss en su séptimo embarazo

"We are being more reserved, we are letting us flow," he adds.It should be remembered that her sixth pregnancy was one of the most difficult since the little girl came to the world with just 31 weeks, 1.695 grams and much uncertainty.An advanced delivery that forced the girl to stay in the incubator for a long period of time.Verdels also has words for her husband, her great support at the moment: “It is my support for everything, we have been in the spotlight for many years, we do not need to talk.With just looking at us, we know what happens to us, it's my support always ”.

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