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Spots on babies clothes: these are the best detergents to eliminate them, according to the OCU

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As the organization has been able to verify, there are not too many differences between washing with generic and detergents for color clothes.

9 septiembre, 201919:30
Juanma González

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Clean spots on babies' clothes can cause authentic headaches.Especially those generated by vomiting, difficult to get even if they were washed with hot water or rubbing.

These types of spots are especially difficult to eliminate, due to the mixture of ingredients that usually contain foods specially designed for children, great variety and bright and striking colors.

Manchas en la ropa de bebés: estos son los mejores detergentes para eliminarlas, según la OCU

However, there are some products, either in gel, powder or in capsules, whose efficacy is better than that of the average detergents.And this is the information collected by the Organization of Consumers and Ususaries (OCU), who has compared the results of washing various garments with the main detergents that can be found on the shelves of a supermarket.

Detergents that best clean baby clothes

Posición Marca ModeloFormato
Bosque Verde (Mercadona) Ropa blanca y de color Gel
Formil (Lidl) Duo Power Activo Cápsulas
Formil (Lidl) Superconcentrado Gel
Formil (Lidl) Detergente Universal Polvo
Dia Detergente en cápsulas solubles Cápsulas

Both in color and white clothes the results are similar.The green forest detergent, marketed in Mercadona in gel format, is the one that has obtained the best score in the analysis of the OCU.They are followed by the formil detergents, marketed in Lidl (in gel, in capsules and in Povlo), and the day, in its capsules version.

According to the results obtained, there is almost no differences between washing color clothes with a universal detergent to do so with a specific one, so, as they claim, "it does not make much sense to buy specific detergents for color garments, and even lessThey cost more ".

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