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American Girl | Loving Miami by Carla Goyanes

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American Girl


Today I'm going to talk about an American phenomenon originating in Chicago that I had heard about for a long time but had never seen live: the world of 'American Girl'.

It has left me speechless!

My friend Mabel has been telling me for some time that I had to do a post for my blog about 'American Girl', some dolls and a world of dolls like no other, which is the best among girls. I thought everything she told me was a bit exaggerated, but no. She must have thought what world I lived in to not know what 'American Girl' was.

'American Girl' is a brand of personalized dolls where girls can choose from the color and length of their hair, eye color and all the accessories so that the doll looks like them, another friend, etc. You can put glasses to see, a cast if the girl breaks her leg and any accessory you can imagine.

They have guitars, drums, a piano, a horse, sports equipment, cars, motorcycles, strollers, backpacks, floats for the beach, bathtubs, beds, changing tables, books... everything any girl could have for her, so that the doll can "practice" the same hobbies.

American Girl | Loving Miami by Carla Goyanes

You can buy the same clothes for the girl as for the doll, which, for my taste, is not very cute, it is very American, but the girls go crazy for it...

The most fun are the new versions of twins and twins with double stroller!

I thought the vintage dolls that have inspired movies were really cute. Some exhibited exclusively such as the rocker, the hippy, the eighties... they were very funny.

What strikes me the most is not the variety of dolls, clothes, accessories or accessories, but the services: cafeteria with high chairs for dolls (they lend you a doll if you don't have one), personalization service for t-shirts for the girl and the doll to wear the same and designed by her, etc.

I don't know if it will attract as much attention to you as it did to me, but it seems incredible to me. I have spoken with several girls and their best prize or gift is to go to the macro store in The Falls, not even to buy dolls, it seems that they have enough with the one that looks like them, it is to go spend the afternoon with them to drink something, that they comb them and, if an accessory falls, better. I was dying of laughter!

In the store they celebrate birthdays, they have 'summer camp' (summer camp) and every week they organize different activities.

In the end I couldn't resist and I bought a baby doll for my niece who just had her birthday. The basic. I hope you like it!

Well, I hope you enjoyed getting to know this unique 'American Girl' store that girls on this side of the pond have so revolutionized...

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