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Audio: How to remove yellow clothes from clothes - Mateo and Andrea - Cadena 100

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There is one thing that Matthew hates over strawberry gum.This is yellow spots because of sweat.It was a few months ago and it still is now.At the time, Andrea offered this perfect trick that may be helpful to try to face them and may your clothes seem like new.The key is none other than taking your shirt and throwing hot oxygenated and bicarbonate on the stain.Rubbers a little and the washing machine.

But this is not the only solution to deal with this problem.Here we offer you some alternative, in case these other elements have them more by hand in your hygiga.

Other infallible tricks

AUDIO: Cómo quitar las manchas amarillas de la ropa - Mateo y Andrea - CADENA 100

Además de este, en Mateo & Andrea hemos descubierto otros trucos que te ayudarán a eliminar esa mancha provocada por el sudor.

We hope these tricks serve you to eliminate that yellow spot of sweat and how little we like.Fast and efficient ways to have perfect clothes as before.

Mateo & Andrea te esperan cada tarde, desde las 17h hasta las 20h, en CADENA 100 con la mejor variedad musical.In addition, they have a phone number where you can be participating too, tell us your stories, the funniest.This in a program where you are the key: 662 100 664.Call us!

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