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Heat and skin burn, the main summer threats

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Los cuidados básicos para vivir esta época de manera saludable, según cada edad.

Ante las altas temperaturas, típicas de la época estival, el Ministerio de Salud, Desarrollo Socialy Deportes recuerda medidas para evitar golpes de calor y quemaduras en la piel.Heatstroke y quemadura de piel, las principales amenazas del verano Heatstroke y quemadura de piel, las principales amenazas del verano

It is remembered that excessive sun exposure can cause skin aging, cataracts and skin cancer.Therefore, it is advised:

It is essential to completely avoid the sun exposure of children under 1 year, not even with sunscreen.The elderly of that age can be in the sun only at permitted schedules and with the necessary protection and replace it every 2 hours.

Physical activity

Heatstroke y quemadura de piel, las principales amenazas del verano

Who is going to perform physical activity must:

There are groups that can potentially be more affected: pregnant women, babies and young children, people over 65 and who suffer from chronic diseases such as respiratory or cardiac conditions, arterial hypertension, obesity and/or diabetes.


Expose to the sun for a long time and exercise in hot or low ventilation environments can lead to the loss of water and essential salts of the body that prevents its proper functioning.This is what is known as heat stroke.

The heat blow is presented with a fever, intense thirst, feeling of suffocating heat, dry skin, dizziness or fainting, stomach pain, lack of appetite and nausea, headache and disorientation.In babies, the skin irritated by the perspiration of the neck, chest, axilas, elbow folds and in the diaper area can also be observed;irritability and crying.

While any person can suffer a heat stroke, the most vulnerable are babies, young children under 5, those over 65 years of age, pregnant and who suffer from chronic, respiratory or cardiac diseases;arterial hypertension;Obesity and diabetes.

The health portfolio recommends:

For the smallest, it is ideal not to expect water but to offer them continuously liquids, especially natural juices;dress them with baggy, lightweight, cotton and light colors, and propose quiet games so that they do not stir.

In case symptoms appear, attend the doctor, try to drop the body temperature with cold cloths or with a bath in ice water, ingest fresh water, stay in a fresh and ventilated place and not consume antifebrile medications.

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