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"I spend all day working so that in a little while they take me all my savings" |Diario de Cuyo - News from San Juan, Argentina and El Mundo

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With the face soaked in tears, the fallen shoulders and the head pointing to the floor, as defeated.So was Patricia Ruiz yesterday, a 38 -year -old store that on the night of last Thursday suffered the visit of thieves at her house on July 9, where $ 150 was stolen from.000 that saved for an operation that needs his grandson, a samsung notebook, clothing, kiosk merchandise (mainly alcoholic beverages such as wine boxes and beer bottles) and other things that yesterday, while checking in the middle of the disaster, I realizedThey were missing.

"I spend all day working so that in a little while they take me all my savings," lamented the victim, who lives with her 16 -year -old daughter and her 1 year and 6 months grandson, which must be operated by a problem in theview.

The house is located in the apple "E" of the Senderos del Oeste neighborhood, delivered less than two years ago.Patricia opened a warehouse in the room that gives to the street and since then carries it forward with much effort.Apart, as sometimes it does not reach, it adds some pesos working as a secretary in a real estate."In the morning I work there and the kiosk attended him all afternoon and all night, I have it open 24 hours.I hardly sleep.This has cost me a lot, I have done everything.Every morning I travel collectively to the fair, to buy the vegetable.From there I appear in my work, I look like a mule with all the things I arrived with.Type 2, 3 or sometimes 4 in the afternoon I leave and I come to attend the business.It is a lot of effort to make me something like that, "he said, without being able to contain the crying.

That day Patricia left the house at about 19, to look for food for the warehouse.His daughter and his grandson were not.That was used by at least two criminals who to enter broke a front window.According to the woman, the robbery was around 22, because at that time some children observed strange movements.In addition to subtracting the belongings, the thieves caused damage because, for example, they threw several devices on the floor and broke the doors of the roperos, the cupboard and other furniture.

The house was made a disaster, with glass, garments, merchandise and a large number of elements in the ground.

Minutes after the attack the police, who had been warned by the neighbors, arrested a suspect in an adjoining neighborhood.This is a 17 -year -old girl who was surprised when she tried.

"Those have been taking here close and surely when I have gone.The other already have it identified, but I will not recover the money, "he lamented.She herself, at night and totally overwhelmed, went out to tour the nearby territories and found her hair dryer, a bag and some wine boxes.While yesterday I continued with that feeling of fury: "They have ruined me".

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